Ranking A Business On Google

Business On GoogleAs far as ranking factors on Google are concerned, the most significant factor that affects ranking is the content of your webpage. There is nothing new about this; in fact, content has always had a relevant role when it comes to ranking the webpage of a particular business. For great results, you have to keep several factors in mind. You can see the full list here in this post. However, there has been a change in the trend over the last few years. No longer is content like what it used to be; there is more prominence given to relevant content that has been written in easy language rather than one that is focused on keywords alone.

According to a study by SearchMetrics it has been found that about fifty-three percent of the top twenty questions have keywords in their ‘title tag,’ and lesser than forty percent of landing pages have keywords in their H1. As far as optimization and semantic relevance are concerned, algorithm updates such as RankBrain and Hummingbird give a lot of value to these factors. Therefore, it implies that a comprehensive analysis of one subject matter in language that is understood easily has an advantage over keyword-dense content that is unreadable.

Factors That Affect Ranking

A study by Backlinko has found that content which is long form has a better ranking than content that is short, maybe since it permits articles to think through their subject in greater detail. SearchMetrics has also found in a study that content on mobile is typically shorter than content on the desktop, and with more and more smartphone users, mobile content is relevant. The one thing about content is that it can affect a number of other ranking factors. Ideally, it would be prudent to have content that is both pertinent and comprehensive to the target audience (the market segment that you hope to attract).

As far as “Backlinks” are concerned it continues to be an important ranking factor of Google. It is true that a larger number of links will lead to a better score, but only if they are from many varied and influential domains. If you want to build an endurable “link building” campaign, then it is necessary to generate content that people desire, and then to endorse that content persistently. The primary function of ‘social signals’ is to get you even better quality backlinks. A study by SearchMetrics further notes that the social signals have a strong tendency to move with the ranking position across the entire social media, even though Facebook continues to have the highest concentration of interactions by users.

To optimize, the Google Search Console can be used to add and authenticate the use of the mobile version of a business website. The ”Structured Data Testing Tool”’ can be used to ensure that the same structure is there on both the desktop as well as the mobile site. Your mobile site should also be accessible to Googlebot utilizing the text testing tool. It is also prudent to test the page speed using “PageSpeed Insights.” Google is continually pushing for a perfect mobile experience that includes high-quality rich content, as well as quality links.